Why Whole House Renovations Are Growing In Popularity

There is no doubt that whole house renovations are a big commitment and not a decision that you should take lightly. Here we will explain why whole house renovations have risen in popularity over the years and why you should strongly consider going down this path.

Here are 7 reasons that explain the growth of whole house remodeling and why you should strongly consider it:

  1. It is often more Cost Effective to remodel

The housing market in the U.S. is a fickle thing. In some States house prices are on the rise, and in others they are fairly flat. Moving home is an expensive business, and most people will want to do this to upgrade their house.

It can often work out more cost effective to stay in your current house and go for a complete remodel. There are no moving costs and you don’t have the worry of your children moving to different schools, and other factors such as longer commutes to your place of work which are more expensive and time consuming.

  1. There are Contractors willing to tackle the work

When times were really good in the USA before the financial crisis it was difficult to find one that would be interested in remodeling your house. They were very choosy and were all after projects that had big budgets. But times have changed and house remodeling contractors now need to take on all sizes of job to keep their workers gainfully employed.

The building of new housing developments has slowed down and now you will find that contractors will be bending over backwards to quote for your whole house renovation. They will be keen to provide a great remodeling job for you, so that you will give them a positive review and they can stay competitive in the market.

  1. Whole House Renovations are faster now

Before the credit crunch, contractors had so much work on their books that if they took on a house remodeling job then it would take them a long time to complete it. This is because they were constantly taking workers off of the remodel and diverting them to larger budget projects.

It was not uncommon to wait for around 12 – 18 months for your complete home remodeling to be finished. This is certainly a thing of the past and nowadays your contractor will want to start work immediately and get the job finished as fast as possible. This is very good news for you.

  1. The required Materials have fallen in price

Home construction material prices fluctuate with supply and demand. After the financial crisis the prices of wallboard, insulation and framing lumber all fell dramatically. The prices of other materials have dropped too, and they have not risen to their all time high price as yet.

This means that you will pay less for your home remodeling. Materials are a large part of the overall cost of a whole house renovation, so you need to jump in now while these prices are still lower than they were. The supply of materials is also better than it was before.

  1. You can get a good Deal from your Contractor

All construction contractors want to see their schedules full these days and they are willing to negotiate great deals on labor costs with you as a result. Discounts of 10 – 15% are certainly not uncommon. Competition in the home remodeling sector is also forcing these discounts.

  1. Add Value and enjoy your new Home

When you have completely remodeled your house you will add quite a bit of value to it. It is very comforting to know that you can sit back and relax knowing that when the house prices take a real upturn you will be sitting pretty.

You will not feel the pressure to move anytime soon after a complete remodel. You have taken the existing house that you loved and transformed into something that you now adore. So why move? It doesn’t make any sense.

  1. The Opportunity for Energy Efficiency Improvements

The cost of electricity and heating fuels seems to be continuously rising. In fact they have more than doubled over the last few years. So why not incorporate all of the energy saving efficiencies that you can with your whole house renovation?


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